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59 marketing statistics to know today

59 Marketing Statistics to Know in 2024

Digital marketing corresponds to all the marketing practices used on the internet. Often associated with online businesses such as e-commerce, digital marketing is actually suitable for all types of businesses. And today, everyone knows that it is essential for a company to be visible online. 👀

But it can be difficult to realize the impact of digital marketing on businesses. To remedy this, we are going to present you with several statistics and key figures on online marketing.

Digital Marketing Statistics 

Digital marketing consists of several subjects such as natural referencing ( SEO ), content marketing, social networks, communication, and others. However, there are some interesting data on the whole of online marketing.

Digital marketing is experiencing annual growth of 14%. ( Global Industry Analysts )

The average budget devoted to digital marketing represents 72% of the overall marketing budget. 

👉 This is when only 55% of marketing is digital. 💻

89% of marketers plan to increase or keep their digital marketing budget stable. ( HubSpot – 2022 )

31% of Internet users discover a new brand thanks to its presence on the Internet. 🤝

SEO Statistics 

SEO or Search Engine Optimization consists of optimizing your website for search engines. Thanks to this method, you will attract traffic for free, by being better placed on the results pages of Google, Yahoo, Bing, and others. 🔎

SEO has a very important part in digital marketing. Let’s take a look at some SEO stats together. 

62% of B2B companies consider SEO to be their top priority for attracting traffic.  

69% of marketers have already invested in SEO. This figure was only 64% in 2020. And this figure has been on an upward trend since the covid crisis. 📈

Each website will have its own SEO strategy. Therefore, there are many debates about what is most important in order to optimize the SEO of a website

Among marketers ( HubSpot ): 

  • 64% think keywords are the most important 
  • 53% think that the most important is the localization and local SEO 
  • 44% think mobile optimization is the most important 

51% of Google smartphone users discovered a business through a search. ( Google Survey – 2018 )

78% of local searches lead to an online purchase. ( Junto )

👉 A local search is for a user to search for a business in a specific location. ( city, region, etc. )

Google has the largest search engine market share. 📊

On Google alone, 81,000 searches are performed every minute

Each month, the search engine records 89.3 billion searches in the world. 

👉 67% of clicks go to the first 5 search results. ( ZeroLimits )

Social Media Statistics 

For a digital or physical business, it is almost impossible not to be present on social networks. Whether it is to sell more or simply to make themselves visible, all businesses must have an account on several social media. 

On average, a person visits one or more social networks for 2h 25 minutes per day.📱

25% of Internet users use social networks for their work

To carry out advertisements or partnerships on social networks, marketers will be interested in several statistics. 📊

88.9% of marketers look primarily at the engagement rate. ( indicator measuring the level of engagement of Internet users with content )

71% of marketers plan to launch on TikTok soon.  

👉 61% planned to boost their spending on Instagram

👉 46% planned to increase their spending on Facebook

👉 45% planned to increase their spending on YouTube

👉 44% planned to increase their spending on LinkedIn.

For 42% of marketersLinkedIn is the most effective social network when it comes to finding new customers. 

👉 Among BtoB marketers, 45% say that LinkedIn is the social network that encourages the most purchase. 

Content Marketing  Statistics

Content marketing consists of creating content ( visual, textual, or other ) in order to make your brand known on the internet. Overall this translates into blog posts, YouTube videos, webinars, podcasts, and more. Again, let’s look at some statistics on the use of content marketing by businesses. 

To start, you should know that 68% of Internet users believe that the content shared by companies is not interesting ( Hootsuite ). It is therefore necessary to focus on the creation of quality content in order to bring value to Internet users. 🙄

40% of marketers believe that the company they work for could do more in their content marketing strategy

👉 68% believe this is due to a lack of internal communication

👉 61% believe that management does not make content marketing a priority

Blogging is the most used form of content by companies. 

70% of marketers use blog posting as a content strategy. ✍🏻

Here is the type of content most created by BtoB companies ( B2B Content marketing – 2022 ): 

  • 91% publish blog posts (less than 3000 words ) 
  • 66% create videos 
  • 64% organize webinars ( live broadcasts ) 
  • 61% publish case studies through various media ( articles, videos, etc. )
  • 57% publish infographics 
  • 56% offer white papers 

👉 80% of specialist BtoB marketers believe that content marketing gives them more visibility. 

👉 70% say this strategy helps to gain credibility

Many companies have grasped the interest of content marketing. According to Plezi, 44% of companies have an employee who takes care of content creation full-time. 

👉 Only 12.7% of companies outsource content creation

Regardless of the medium, the video seems to be the most effective type of visual. 🎥

👉 20% of users read the text of a social media post. 

👉 80% of users watch the video of a social media post. ( My SMN )

After watching a video64% of internet users are more likely to buy a product on the internet. 

65% of users retain content from a video for up to 3 days after watching it

A simple presentation video can boost sales by 144%

👉 80% of consumers believe that presentation videos are useful

Email Marketing Statistics 

Emailing is part of digital marketing and is surely the most effective strategy for selling. Communicating by email is a simple way to retain your audience while diversifying your sources of traffic so as not to depend on advertising. 📧

91% of consumers prefer email to be contacted by a company with which they have a relationship. 

85% of businesses have an email marketing tool

👉 40% of companies send between 0 and 2 emails per week

👉 15% of companies send up to 8 emails per week. ( HubSpot )

The average opening rate of emails ( all categories combined ) is 21.33% ( MailChimp ). 

👉 The average click rate ( all sectors combined ) is 2.62%

50% of emails are consulted on mobile phones. 📲

👉 Mobile users check their mailbox 3 times more often compared to computer users. 

👉 An email that does not display correctly on mobile is likely to be deleted after 3 seconds by its reader. 

73% of companies make mobile optimization a priority when sending emails. 

Each company will have its emailing strategy. Some elements will be more or less important for the people in charge of email marketing: 

👉 27% of marketers focus on personalizing emails ( by adding the name of the recipient for example ). 

👉 24% of marketers focus on optimizing for mobile

👉 20% of marketers focus on database segmentation

Thanks to all these statistics, you have surely been able to realize the importance of digital marketing. As you have seen, digital marketing can be used in different forms. Essential for online businesses today, digital marketing is also increasingly used by physical businesses. 

If you want to train or learn more about digital marketing, we invite you to visit our blog. Many articles and guides will allow you to learn more about SEO, email marketing, social networks, and others. 💪

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