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How to use LinkedIn for your Marketing campaigns

How to use LinkedIn for your Marketing campaigns

LinkedIn ads have become a real asset when it comes to providing your sales team with quality leads. LinkedIn’s Precise Targeting System can help you reach qualified B2B audiences, capture lead information, and close high-value deals. However, without the right approach to your LinkedIn ad campaigns, your budget can explode without causing enough conversion volume. This is why today we are offering you an article on LinkedIn ads and its best practices for use.

1. Presentation of LinkedIn ads

LinkedIn has come a long way since 2008 and the beginnings of advertising on the platform. If you want to promote your product or services to B2B professionals, LinkedIn ads are the perfect medium. In this article, we will explain the advantages of advertising on LinkedIn.

The platform is arguably the largest global community of business professionals you’ll meet online. There are 630 million professionals on LinkedIn, which is a combination of executives, influencers and decision-makers. LinkedIn also has 303 million monthly active users of which 40% are daily active users.

Let us tell you some interesting figures on LinkedIn:

  • 90 million high-level influencers
  • 63 million decision-makers
  • 40 million mass tributaries
  • 17 million opinion leaders
  • 10 million senior executives
  • 6 million IT decision-makers

Point To Be Considered: As on most advertising platforms, you must participate in a target audience auction where your bid will be matched against that of advertisers targeting the same audience as you. Next, you need to choose a pricing model – either CPC (cost per click) or CPM (cost per thousand impressions), then you can set your own budget and schedule your ads on LinkedIn.

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2. What levers to optimize your LinkedIn ads campaigns

Good organization is the watchword of any successful project, when it comes to your digital campaigns it is even more true. A good structuring and effectiveness of your campaigns, a group of advertisements and vital to the good functioning of your marketing actions.

Practicing A / B testing is a simple solution to efficiently optimize your campaigns. The principle is simple, it consists of editing two different versions of the same publication and studying their scope in order to choose the one with the best results. This multivariate testing method allows you to find the best combination for publications with optimized reach. The goal is to maximize your ROI by increasing your conversion rate. Through A / B Testing you can modify many components of your publication such as visuals, wording, call-to-action buttons, your targeting and distribution niches. Some of the points must be considered :

  • Identifying your target precisely is an objective to achieve to boost the profitability of your ads. In order to maximize the return on the investment made for your digital campaigns, it is necessary to precisely identify your buyer persona. LinkedIn offers many features allowing you to expand your targeting. The targeting tools offer many targeting criteria: geographic, by gender, age category, industry etc. These tools will allow you to refine your broadcasting spectrum as much as possible in order to reach a qualified audience with a strong propensity to convert.
  • Starting from the adage “a picture is worth a thousand words”, it is therefore necessary to pay particular attention to the visuals of your ads. Optimizing your ads therefore requires a judicious choice of visual content, for this you will have to respect the standards established by LinkedIn. A well-crafted visual with eye-catching colors will allow you to optimize your click-through rate and thus reach a larger number of people. Even if the ad must be attractive and make LinkedIn users want to click on it, it must above all be consistent and match the content of the ad at the risk of seeing your conversion rate drop.
  • Whatever your objective, it is necessary to get viewers to click on your call-to-action button for this it is necessary to encourage these last ones through an attractive, original call-to-action with a formulation consistent with the proposed content. The reflection around the definition of call-to-action is therefore very important and will condition the future results of your publications. In case of hesitation, using A / B testing can help you decide according to the results of the different versions.
  • Auctions remain a simple way to optimize your ads by allowing them to display more often and thus increase the propensity of the click-through rate. However, this tip represents an additional investment, so you will have to be attentive to the results of your ads in order to correct any unnecessary expenses and re-allocate your expenses to less performing ads.

3. Directions for use

The creation of your company page is a very important element for your brand awareness, it conditions the LinkedIn viewer to a returned image, for this you must make sure that your page reflects the real aspirations, values ​​and products. Otherwise, there will be a discrepancy between customer expectations and the products offered, which will lead to a drop in conversions. It is therefore vital for you to offer a page that fully reflects your business, benefiting from updates and new content at a regular rate.

In order to obtain maximum profitability during your marketing campaigns on the LinkedIn platform, here are some tips to follow.

Monitoring the main KPIs is one of the first methods to be imposed in order to manage your campaigns well because it is necessary to see and understand the reach and the return of the various publications generated via your LinkedIn ads campaigns. This monitoring will allow you to optimize your campaigns in a relevant way by modifying parameters such as the allocated budget or the customer targeting parameters.

Quality rather than quantity, advertising on LinkedIn having a higher cost than on other platforms it is necessary to reach a qualified audience, that is to say with a high propensity to consume your products or services. The health of your budget and therefore the good return on investment of your campaigns depends on it.

Do you need support in setting up and implementing a suitable LinkedIn marketing strategy? Our experts would like to help you.  Contact us! 

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