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Web Marketing In 2021

Web Marketing: What Will Be The News Of 2023?

The web marketing is constantly evolving and it is never easy to predict what will be the changes that will invest this sector in the coming months.

However, we can analyze the new trends, trying to understand what could be the main news that we will see in the course of 2021 .

We will certainly see a consolidation of what is called inbound marketing , the strategy underlying digital communication focused on the ability to be identified by potential customers through the internet.

Based on this, we expect a development of all the tools related to the mobile first approach . These include voice search and the growth of micro-influencers , but also others on which it is worth dwelling for some considerations.

Let’s see them together.


Creation of Interactive Content

In recent years, the type of user interaction on websites has changed a lot. Today the average user is no longer willing to read an article to the last word , also thanks to the fierce competition of websites in the same niche.

What you are looking for is an immediate and most interactive experience . A feature that is very difficult to achieve with “old style” content.

Through interactive content such as presentations, maps or graphics, the public can feel part of the experience. This increased engagement helps increase conversion rates, which is why industry professionals are crafting new creative strategies for bringing interactive content to life.

We do not know how this type of content will evolve, but we believe that this is a strategy within everyone’s reach and therefore to be taken into consideration.

Change your approach on social media

The way users share content and connect to social media is constantly changing .

After steady growth, Facebook suffered an abrupt halt in 2018 following the Cambridge Analytica affair. Since then, the Zuckerberg giant has introduced a new algorithm with the aim of strengthening its reputation.

In the meantime, we have also seen an exponential growth of Instagram, with new tools designed specifically for companies, and migration of millennials to TikTok.

All of this also revolutionizes the type of approach to take if you want to use social media for marketing purposes . According to industry professionals, in the near future we will see a return to a more authentic approach based on quality content, in order to engage the right target of customers and generate leads on Instagram and other social networks.

The goal of a Social Media Marketing agency will therefore be to invest to increase the value of the brand and the ROI for its customers.

Publish more and more videos

With a view to the continuous evolution of content marketing, videos represent the future . More and more popular and appreciated, video content is popular because it can be engaging, informative and immediate.

Designed for a personalized use, the videos are able to meet all the needs of users where and when they want , always offering quality content.

This is the added value of an easy tool that does not require huge investments, but also can increase conversion rates by up to 80%.

Collaboration with micro-influencers

Watch out for micro-influencers because in the coming months they could completely upset digital marketing!

Who are the micro-influencers?

Micro influencers are professionals with a large following and therefore capable of addressing the tastes of their target audience. Even if they don’t have as many followers as Cristiano Ronaldo or other top influencers, this slice of professionals is starting to be looked at with professionalism by web marketing professionals .

In fact, it was understood that investing in micro-influencers can have very interesting implications for a company that is looking for a different management of social pages . Working with these professionals can allow you to reach a specific target with customizable methods.

An example? The partnership created by Camihawke together with Dove to counter the bodyshame on social networks.

Artificial intelligence for personalized experiences

Artificial intelligence applied to marketing is the future.

This is because AI is able to improve your content marketing strategies by offering personalized experiences to users .

By analyzing consumer data, artificial intelligence can thus meet the tastes of your potential customers in order to maximize conversions and create quality traffic .

There are many ways AI can be applied on a website. Among the most used are widgets that suggest relevant content , based on user experience.

These can be other web pages, but also advertisements.

SEO Friendly topics

Google constantly updates its algorithm , so as to favor quality SEO-oriented content focused on specific topics.

For this reason , SEO experts are investing more and more in what is called “cluster of topics” (in English cluster means group).

This model provides for a central pillar page linked to a specific topic, from which other pages branch off in turn connected to each other

In this way , a real thematic network is created in line with the new algorithms and which has more chances to position itself among the top search engine results .

Earning the very first positions on a Google search page is the goal of every brand. But there is more.

For some years, Google has released the featured snippet or result 0, a novelty that has gained greater importance with the recent updates of the algorithm .

While this is not a last-minute novelty, we expect content to be created by 2021 with a view to earning this particular position .

This trend is the clear demonstration that Google is increasingly oriented towards providing immediate, quality and authoritative content .

Voice search for faster and faster searches

The increasing use of voice assistants such as Siri or Alexa have contributed to a rapid growth in voice search . Developers need devices to ensure a high degree of accuracy for a positive user experience.

To do this, the voice search sector needs to move hand in hand with SEO: a process that has been underway since 2018, but which is constantly being improved.

In fact, ComScore predicts that 50% of searches will be done through voice search by the end of 2020. A figure that is set to grow throughout 2021.

Chatbot for immediate communication

Whatever service you offer on your website it is possible that a potential customer of yours needs immediate answers, just like in a real shop.

Chatbots are born precisely to answer any type of question from users and to guarantee an increasingly satisfying and user-friendly experience.

Unlike a real operator, who can be busy or unavailable, the chatbot is always available to the customer 24 hours a day , thus preventing them from leaving if they do not get a quick response.

But that’s not all, this tool also helps collect data that can be exploited for brand marketing campaigns.

Greater authenticity and user experience

What do today’s consumers want?

According to inbound marketing experts, to sell on Google it is necessary to combine two factors: authenticity and user experience .

With an increasingly varied offer and a lot of competition, the quality of the content becomes a fundamental resource for the success of a brand. This means producing quality content on your website, making videos and increasing Instagram followers.

In a nutshell, create an excellent user experience : direct and empathic communication with your audience. This is what helps to increase your brand by giving it added value.


These are the most important news in the web marketing field and which we will hear more about in 2021. As we have already said, it is not possible to make certain forecasts: everything is constantly evolving.

Staying up-to-date on news is essential to plan new strategies for your brand.

We hope this information can give you some more food for thought on the next investments to be made in the digital landscape. In your opinion, what are the most important web marketing trends in 2021? Write it in the comments. We look forward to your feedback and constructive dialogue with you.

Contact us for more information on one of these features in order to make your company innovative and competitive 🙂

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